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Hope that everybody has a wonderful Christmas weekend so far. I made this Christmas cake for family. White chocolate cake with cranberry filling (cook down cranberry with brown sugar, clove and cinnamon). Frosting is white chocolate vanilla frosting.

Also made some cute bears as cake tops with marzipan. They are the size of a ketchup bottle cap as you can see in the picture!
By the way, this cake is a 4-layer cake with 3-layer of cranberry fillings. It was a success for sure!
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There you go! All 12 cookies plus one bonus German Kebkuchen bars! Merry Christmas!
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It is Christmas eve and we have heavy rain after snow this morning and it will all turn into ice tonight. Would be terrible to drive tomorrow! Here we save the best cookie for last: coconut marmalade crescents. This is a cream cheese based cookie. Dough contains cream cheese, rum flavoring and coconut flakes. Once the cookies have been baked, they are frosted with glaze made of orange juice, apricot preserve and powder sugar. Yummy! Happy holidays, everyone!
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It snows several inches here last night but fortunately nothing too dense. But it is going to turn to rain this afternoon and it might be all ice tomorrow. Yikes! To reflect the beauty of snow and ice, here I present the peppermint snow cookies! It is based on snowball cookies (Mexican wedding cookies) but without powder sugar. Both cookie dough and red color icing have peppermint extract. And the cookies are sprinkled with crushed peppermint candies. It gives a sense of cold in this cold weather!
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Snow and ice are coming tonight so I'd better get all bakings done! Here is one for all the chocolate addicts! The cookie base is a shortbread dough. A layer of toasted chopped pecans is added. Then, it is covered by a layer of caramel topping. Sprinkle a layer of semi-sweet chocolate chip then it goes to oven. At the same time, I then melt Dove silky smooth dark chocolate on a double boiler. Once the cookie is done baking and cool several minutes, pour the melted chocolate on the top of it and smooth the surface. Refrigerate overnight and cut into bars the second day. Super strong chocolate will any chocolate lover swoon!
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It starts to snow again and another round of blizzard is on the way from west coast to here! Hope that the weather will not cause the problem for everybody who travels during Christmas. Here is another new cookie I made this year, "Double Vanilla Delights". Good vanilla beans are the main ingredient in this cookie. The vanilla bean is mixed with chopped pecans in the melt-in-your-mouth feeling dough. I made the frosting by cooking the half and half cream with whole vanilla bean then mix with powder sugar. If you love vanilla taste, this will be a heavenly cookie to you!
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Happy Monday before Christmas! This is one of the most delicate cookies I have ever made. It is covered by a layer of delicious lemon frosting. The cookie is just melt right in your mouth. The secret of this cookie is the big amount of cornstarch in the ingredients. Its bite size just makes this cookie even more delicate. This cookie is mainly for afternoon tea party but I think it works just well for Santa with a glass of milk!
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Definitely not the nasty kind that is hard enough to be used as weapon! This one has figs, chopped pecans, candied cherries, and raisins all soaked in sherry for flavor. This is another cookie that gluten-free tastes better than flour version!

p.s. Got a request about the recipe. You can find it with the link below:

Dried Fruit Cookies

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Holiday is coming and I am running behind the schedule of these 12 cookies! Here is another new one I tried to make gluten free this year, Golly Polly's doodles. It is an interesting cookie but also takes quite some works to make/ The outside layer is chocolate dough mixed with some peanut butter. The inside filling is peanut dough. Then, you wrap the chocolate dough around the peanut butter ball to form the cookie and coat the final ball with a layer of sugar. It smells just wonderfully when it is baked. If you like peanut butter, this is the one you will enjoy!
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Worked whole night last night and have not slept for almost 25 hours no but got to get everything done before the end of year for work. Here is the white chocolate and raspberry cookies. The simple sugar cookie dough mixed in with melted white chocolate to increase the flavor. After baking, put raspberry jam on the top and decorate with splashed melted white chocolate. This gluten free version of the cookie is much better than the flour version since it is more chewy than hard. I package this kind of cookies with the chocolate thumbprint from yesterday and make beautiful holiday gift for my co-workers. Isn't it a quite nice looking Christmas snacks? :)


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