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The weather has been gloomy since I got here one week ago. It got worse today and became pouring rain. This work trip has almost eaten me alive so far. The temperature has start to drop and it shows on changing trees leaves to different shades of red and yellow. Fall is surely on its way. I got to visit Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and Museum at Cleveland downtown lakefront on this past Wednesday. It was a good surprise to find out how nice it is of that area next to Browns stadium. It is almost like a smaller but cleaner version of downtown Chicago. The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame building itself is also an interesting structure. There were several catering banquets going on during our visit there on a weekday night.

I got to listen to one of the feature presentations called "From Asbury Park to the Promised Land: The Life and Music of Bruce Springsteen". It talks about how Bruce Springsteen created most of the songs in his first and second albums. They played different stages/mixes of the songs such as "Born in USA" and explained the lyrics changes as well. It was really well done and interesting. Of course, I spent almost an hour on listening to music jukebox of songs for all previous Hall of Fame winners, especially, the early influence ones from 40s to 60s. Quite a treat.
That was pretty much the only fun thing I did so far this week. Fortunately, my co-worker took me to Chinatown area in Cleveland downtown to have a nice dim sum lunch. That was really a bright spot in this bad weather day!
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This is the kind of work environment hazard I have to prepare to encounter all the time...

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Nothing is better than 3 scoops of Ben & Jerry ice cream under 80s warm sunshine after a long 12-hour workday. But that was 3 hours ago and it is pouring rain, lighting and thunder outside with the severe weather warning.

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Here comes another round of layoff in this bad economy. Almost half of the people at work were told that they would lose their jobs in phases before the end of this year. Most of those are the manufacture jobs and all those people have been working very hard and even sustain the mandatory overtime during the weekends and holidays in the past 6 months. It is really hard to see your co-workers crying at the cafeteria, calling their friends and family on the phone with depressed voice after this kind of bad news in the gloomy economy condition.

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Finally, at day 28, I have completed the project in Florida! I have been here so long that most of my local co-workers thought I had relocated down to Florida. Well, the nice warm weather is surely nice and no more plowing the snow and driving on the dangerous icy roads. However, at the same time, the warm weather also causes the pollen allergy comes back earlier down here. Also tried to enjoy nice warm sun in the north central Florida during the lunch break. All trees are all covered by the Spanish moss here. Quite an interesting scene.

Went to a new local Singapore restaurant and ordered my favorite Singapore fried rice noodle with shrimp, chicken, and beef. The curry tasted great in the noodle with a pot of jasmine tea. Good meal. Well, I am just ready to go home tomorrow and jump right back to the cold and snow! LOL.

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I was back to the grinding mill in Florida after only spending 3 days at home in Wisconsin. Today is day 5 non-stop working day even though it is the weekend. The project is in the crunching time so I just have to bite the tongue and keep going until this coming Friday when it hits the deadline.

The only good thing is the warm weather down here. So far, it has been 60'F (15'C) in the daytime and 30-40'F (-2'C-5'C) at night. It feels warm to me but all the local people are complaining about the cold. I just jokingly call them wimps. :) I could even get some Ben & Jerry's ice cream (strawberry kiwi, mango lime, and chunky monkey) and enjoyed it outside while locals hid indoor and shivered.

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It has been a long and tired working trip. I had to work almost everyday for this 11-day trip and I am ready to go home. And I will have to fly back down to Floria again next Wednesday for another 10-day straight work trip. Aw, well, just hope that the flight will not delay.
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The receptionist lady at work was laid off this morning. She was a very nice person and always went out of her way to help everybody. It was sad to see her clean out her desk and sent out of the door. Guess the recession has hit my workplace as well. Will head down to Florida for work next week so at least I can escape from the bitter cold weather for a while.

RSNA 2008

Dec. 3rd, 2008 10:51 am
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It is the annual RSNA (Radiological Society of North America) meeting at the McCormick Place in Chicago. It predicts about 62,000 people attend this year's meeting which takes over almost the whole McCormick Place. My workplace provided a bus to send employees down there for one-day meeting. It took almost 2.5 hours to get to there for the usual 1.5 trip due to the bad Chicago rush hour traffic and winter snow. Once we got there, as you can see from the picture, it was already packed with all the medical doctors and scientists.

It's always interesting to attend this kind of big show to see all the new products from the industry. There were lots of expensive equipments from the companies and expensive suits from attendants for sure. One of the interesting thing was this mock up of the MR scanner covering with all the fake fruits and flowers. Guess they want to go green too! Overall, it was OK since nothing special was shown. The good thing was that we got to go to Chicago Chinatown for a good lunch!
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I would never imagine that this post 101 would take so long to happen. Yes, I am finally back from another hell like work trip to Florida. I have been down there in the past 2 weeks and worked at least 11 hours per day. I got so tired after work and most of days that I just had dinner and went to bed at night time after work. Never really got any time or energy to get on line. The worst part of the whole thing was that the weather was so nice/sunny/warm outside in Florida but I had to stay in a no-window room to work my ba**s off.

Of course, I was so busy that I even forgot my own birthday since I only had only 35-minute break including bathroom break and all meals time from 7am to 7pm that day (last Tuesday if you really want to know). And I did not find out that some of my blogger friends (thanks to [profile] coryblank and [profile] designerotter ! You guys are the best!) sent me birthday wishes that day until much later. Well, it is all over for now at least. And I am back to the cold damp Wisconsin to face the never ending winter. I just cannot believe that it is still only in 20s, cold and windy in mid-April! Okay, I need to calm down and not complain too much.

We did get to the St. Augustine for one day during my work trip down in Florida. I have not been there for a while and everything changes a lot there. It is always one of my favorite towns. It is very charming and nice. Lots of shops and restaurants and great beach. The weather was sunny, warm but a little bit too windy when we went to there one week ago. The tides were very high and lots of people were doing surfing while the fishermen on the pier kept telling them that there were sharks in the water. Guess some people just like to live on the edge. We walked on the beach and hanged around the pier for a while then headed off to the downtown area of the St. Augustine.

There were so many new hotels and restaurants that I almost did not recognize the place. We parked in the whole new parking structure after the information center and found a place close to the Fort Matanzas National Monument (or Castillo de San Marcos) for lunch. We could see the Fort from the lunch. the food was actually not that good but they did make good non-alcohol PiƱa Colada. After the lunch, we went into the Fort and just caught on the demonstrations of cannon shooting. It was very interesting to see the reenactment of the whole thing. And I really admire those guys who wore 3 layers of wool dress in a hot day (88'F) to demo the cannon shooting.

We then proceeded to walk around the downtown area and did some shopping and had some drinks until the pouring rain started. It was nice to at least get a day off during those 2 hell like week. Now it is time to go back out to the cold weather and do some exercise to get rid of those extra fat coming with all the restaurants food.


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