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snowJust when we are ready to welcome spring, it snowed again. This time, it dumped almost 5 inches (13 cm) of heavy wet snow and made a big mess everywhere. Guess winter will be here for a while. The same frozen winter situation for the Wisconsin politics. The teachers union busted policy passed last night in Wisconsin capitol. More messy political fight ahead for lots of people in this state for sure. So it is indeed a bad winter after all.
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IMG_0011It has been bitterly cold recently. It is windchill -25'F (-31'C) ouitside now! And it is only -8'F (-22'C) without wind even though it is so sunny! Come on, let's make it even colder! My, this winter is showing its power!

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Today is Chinese New Year Even but we are still in the middle of big winter blizzard. The wind is 40 miles per hour (64 km per hour) and snows keeps coming down. We are under "civil danger emergency" in Wisconsin. All major highways, airports, schools and stores are all closed. The snow is already 5 feet (150 cm) high up to my chest outside and the wind and snow are still going.

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It comes, it wanders around and now it is gone and leaves a silver and messy wet world here. I am talking about snow as you have guessed. :) Got several inches (10 cm) last night again and it was a mess for the morning commute to work. Finally, I got to relax for several days after the last trip back from Florida and ate all the year cake and "Fa" cake. Sometimes, I just appreciate the peaceful life.


Jan. 29th, 2010 11:03 am
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It is so cold today even with all the sunshine! It is only 1'F (-17'C) outside and windchill -9'F (-23'C). I really want to wrap myself like a mummy before I go outside. Guess the winter is still here! By the way, [ profile] rockey1 starts his chemo treatment. Hang in there, John!
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Finally, it is getting a little bit warmer today after the long stretch of cold. It has been under 8'F (-15'C) for almost 3 weeks now and it finally gets up to 20'F (-7'C) today. Everything is covered by snow and ice. Very beautiful under the clear bright cold sky. Too bad that it is just the beginning of a long cold 2010 winter.
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After the big snow storm yesterday, now it comes the bitterly cold. It is only 1'F (-17'C) outside and the windchill is -21'F (-30'C)! Why do I have to go to work today? Sigh, guess I have to stop whining since this is just the beginning of the long 6-month winter.
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Can you believe it? Look at the lowest temperature on the north central Florida weather forecast. It will be in teens tonight? All my co-workers here blame me on bringing the freezing weather down to here. Guess I just cannot get away from the cold weather!
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It is only -30'F (-34'C) outside! Ouch! And I have to head out to work! Cold!
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It snowed again this morning. And not surprisingly, it caused big mess on the highway traffic again after the 12 cars piled up yesterday. The temperature has continued to drop since the morning. It is only 11'F outside now. The thermometer has been baked in the sun for hours and still only got up to 30'F. And it will plunge down to -2'F tonight and windchill -30'F. Brrr!


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