Mar. 9th, 2009 02:28 pm
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Finally, it is here. After reading all the buzz on line and refreshing the memory by watching the motion comics, I finally got to see the movie version of the "Watchmen". Of course, the lousy rainy, snowy, and cold weather outside did help make more people go to see the movie. The first positive thing I would say about the movie is the incredible works that the screen writer and the director did. I cannot believe that they almost pack all the important details in the movie! If you have read the comics, you would appreciate the good works the movie does by organizing the complicated characters and plots into a 2 and a half hour of movie. And they did such a good job that even the people who have not read the comics should be able to follow it without problems.

Since "Watchmen" is more like a murder mystery with all the "batman" super heroes as the main characters, it is not the easiest movie to understand. It is not one of those no-brain summer explosion X-men kind of movies. By saying so, it does not mean that the special effects in this movie are not good. As the matter of the facts, the special effects are amazing and I specially like the way the change the look of the glass castle on the Mars. Anyway, it is definitely a movie worth of watching. The only warnings are the male front nudity of Dr. Manhattan and the graphic violence of broken body parts. Not a movie for kids.

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 It has been a very busy summer so far. Outside the daily work, there are lots of yard works and volunteer works for the local Red Cross chapter. Even so, I still got to see lots of summer movies. Finally, I got a little bit time to spare to write reviews about some of them. Let's talk about the action packed one first, that is, "Wanted". I actually really enjoy this action movie directed by the Russian director who made the "Day Watch" and "Night Watch". It is full of the strangest stunts (CGI) you have never seen before. The fast-paced plots and interesting visual composure make this one even better than the "Hellboy 2". Now we talk about "Hellboy 2". It continues the monsters creation trend from the first one and some humor plots. However, the script seems to be tired and just not quite there. Some part of the movie actually is a little bit slow.

Now we come to some comedies. The first one is the bad "Love Guru". Even with the shameless promotion in the American Idol, its box office still tanked. It was one of the worst movie I have ever seen. Don't even waste your time to rent the DVD. Enough to say about that one. "You Don't Mess With The Zohan" is much better. The typical Adam Sandler comedy similar to his early work like "Big Daddy". It contains lots of sex related jokes. Don't expect too much from it then you will enjoy it. The last one is "The Dark Knight". There are lots of reviews out there already. As everybody else mentions, Heath Ledger did an incredible job to make "the Joker" very realistic. It is such a dark movie that you will be hardly to feel happy after seeing it. The only problem I have with it is the way they deal with the character, "Two-Faced". The character is rushed through and completely wasted. However, the movie has already reached the length of 2 hours and 32 minutes so I guess the director has done his best. Hope these help if you have not seen any of those movies yet.
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Worked in one of the biggest music festival - summerfest on this past July 4th weekend as the first aid provider again. This is my 9th year to work in this festival. The weather was great, sunny and around low 70s. Very quiet and only one drunk drama. A drunk and obnoxious woman was screaming at her 13-year-old niece for nothing. The young girl just cried in the first aid station and would not leave.

That really caused the problem for us to take care of other people who needed the first aid service. I had to turn her and her drunk aunt over to the security. The security eventually evicted the drunk aunt out of the festival ground and sent the teenager to the lost-child area. Besides that, everything was cool. Was able to enjoy some music but bored to tears otherwise since nothing happened. I guess it was not a bad thing that nobody got hurt and for all the medical staff to be bored. :)

Got friends in town to visit during the long weekend and we also went to see Wall-E. I think it is just OK. The computer animation is really amazing for the realistic of the metal and plastic surface. The story line is the usual soft loving Disney thing pluses the environmental green theme. The first half is more interesting but the last 1/3 of the movie is a little bit yawning and boring. I don't really like it that much as the previous other movies. But it is still a nice family fun movie to watch in the summer. Hope that everybody had a great weekend!
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The Memorial Day weekend passed so fast that I barely remember what I did. Went down to Chicago to visit some out-of-town friends and just chilled out, literally, since it was only in low 50'F in one of the days. Of course, I went to see Indiana Jones 4.

My conclusion is - not that interesting. Yes, it has its moments of referring to all the 50s stuff and the first 3 Indiana Jones movies. The cast is doing decent jobs on convincing you that they still have it. However, the story line is really bad. Does it really take about 20 years to come out such a lousy plot? An alien skull as the final treasure? I think we shall all just wait for "X-file 2" instead. All the special effects and stunts stuff are just about the average. In the era of the "Transformers" and "Bourne" series, it definitely shows the age of the franchise. I guess it does not matter anyway since it has become the 2nd higher box office ever for the Memorial Day weekend. However, within the preview trailers before the Indy 4, the "Dark Knight" really seems to have lots of potentials and more worth of waiting.
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Wow, what a great start for the summer movie season! Finally went to the "Iron Man" this morning. It was almost sold out even it was a 10am early show. The cast member all did great jobs, especially, Robert Downey Jr and Jeff Bridges. The script was quite smart and not that far away from the comic book. And the scenes of Tony Stark learning how to fly was really entertained. The special effects were quite realistic. The only small down side of the movie was the final showdown - a little too short and seem to rush through. Definitely recommend to see.

And "DO NOT" leave until the final credits really end; otherwise, you will regret to miss something important! Don't complain that I did not warn you!
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Today is the first day back to work. After one week vacation at home, it does take some efforts to go back to the normal work. Surprising, not a lot of e-mails, guess everybody is still on the holiday recovery mode.

The snow finally stopped yesterday and it was actually a decent new year day. I did not do anything crazy on the new year eve. Just watched TV to see the time square ball drop at home. A friend and I went to see the "National Treasure: Book of Secrets" on new year day. It was a quite entertaining movie. It uses a lot of interesting facts to make up the clues for treasure hunt. !!!Spoiler Alert!!!

Of course, it is hard to convince anybody that a Maya Gold temple hidden Mount Rushmore. And that the bad guy eventually turns out to be not that bad is just too Disney movie. And the obvious "page 42" clue for the sequel is just a little much. Well, back to work, happy new year!
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It is quite a nice weekend so far. I went to the see the movie, "Dragon Wars" today.

I have seen the production photos and some teasers through years of this movie. It was always marked as a Korean so I was really surprised when I started to see the movie trailer of it on TV and Internet last month.
I think it is a quite good movie. The special effects and the CGI monsters are much better than the US Godzilla movie several years ago. Considering the low budget/cost of this movie, I really think that the Korean director of this movie just opens up another door for Hollywood to make some great movies without paying that much for the CGI process.

The story of the movie is very simple (or silly). As the legend, a dragon cannot fly to heaven unless it gets the life energy from a special woman born every 500 years. The woman will have to sacrifice her life to the snake form of the dragon when she turns 20 so the dragon can gain the true power and transforms to the powerful form and fly to the heaven. At the same time, there are 2 snake form of dragon wanting for this life energy, one good and one evil. To avoid the evil one gets the woman first, a warrior was born at the same time to protect the woman. As the story goes, 500 years ago in Korea, the warrior fell in love with the woman so he could see the woman killed for the dragon. They decided to jump off the cliff to kill themselves before the evil snake could get to them. Fast forward to nowadays, 500 years later, both warrior and the woman are re-born in LA. So, as you can imagine, the evil snake and the army have to invade LA to get them and at the end some dragon/snakes war to finish the story.

Forget about all the bad reviews you read about this movie. It is purely an entertaining monster movie, not an Oscar award candidate. If you like the old-fashion monster movie, I think you will like this one too.

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The long Labor Day weekend was over too soon! It was a very long relaxed long weekend for me. Got a family friend came in town to visit. So we just hanged out a bit. We finally got around to see the "Bourne Ultimatum". It is a very good movie. Fast pace, great fighting, incredible car chasing and amazingly, almost no dialog for Mat Damon's Jason character in the first 15-minute of the movie! And they took the scenes all over the world without using CGI. Really cool stuff. As a matter of the fact, we watched the first two Bourne movies on DVD again at home after that movie since we forgot quite a lot of clues/details mentioned in those two previous ones.

The weather was actually quite nice: sunny and around 85F. However, the mosquitoes were just terrible. Everywhere we went in the garden or the park, a swarm of them just attacked. I am a nature-born mosquito magnet so I get almost 10 bites every single time when all other people around absolutely bite-free. And my skin is sensitive to the mosquito bite so the bite area usually will swell into a nickel size. Really itchy and annoyed. We ended of not going to the Highland Game in Wisconsin due to that. So we stayed home and fixed some ceiling lights, etc.

I made several dishes such as "Apple Maple Turkey Burgers with Maple-Dijon Sauce", which is the turkey burger with maple syrup and applesauce, grilled and topped with maple syrup/Dijon mustard sauce. In addition, "Roasted Shrimp and Orzo", which has shrimp mixed cucumber, red onion, dill and orzo with lemon juice sauce; and a potato salad with two kinds of mustard, red onion, celery, mayonnaise, and dill. Of course, the dessert, a flour less chocolate cake. Quite a lot of chopping, cooking and dish washing for sure. Basically, just a quite relaxed long weekend.
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Okay, I admit that I have seen way too many movies this summer. However, it has been raining since yesterday noon so I could not go running outdoor as I planned to. Naturally, to see a movie would come as the best option in such a rainy day. It took a while to decide between "Stardust" and "Rush Hour 3". As usual, a comedy usually won.

"Rush Hour 3" is pretty much using the same formula as the previous two, that is, Chris Tucker's funny jokes plus Jackie Chan's ass-kicking actions. It has some funny moments and good action sequences, especially, the final Eiffel Tower fighting scenes. And the surprising cameo of Roman Polanski as a French cop is actually quite funny. However, it does show a little bit of getting old for this series of the movies. The storyline is just silly and sometimes does not even make sense. But as an entertaining summer movie, I will give it a thump up. At least, I think it is much better than the "Superbad", which I think it is really super bad. If you want a 2-hour of relaxed fun movie time, give "Rush Hour 3" a try.
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Finally got sometime to watch the Simpsons movie. It is a fun movie to watch, especially, if you are a Simpsons cartoon fan. The story line is quite simple (or silly for some parts of it). Basically, the Springfield was under pollution crisis, and Homer messed up with it even more and caused the whole city to be quarantined by a crazy government official. Eventually, the Simpsons family resolved the problem and saved the town.

My favorite scene of the movie is the part that wild animals help Homer and Marge strip off the clothes so they can be happily to get on bed to have some XXX. It showed that Homer and Marge kissed then switched to those wild animals watching on the side. Their expressions of seeing the human sex were so funny that it was worth the price of the movie ticket. I would definitely recommend it for sure.


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