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Finally came back to Wisconsin for my last long Florida trip. The weather is definitely cooler up here. All the leaves have changed colors and it is really pretty this year, gold, yellow, red, orange, and green everywhere. Halloween is coming on this weekend so there are Halloween decorations everywhere.

Somehow, giant spiders on the house seem to be the fashion this year. There are so many of them around my neighborhood!
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This is the kind of work environment hazard I have to prepare to encounter all the time...

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Thanks to [info - personal]notdefined, now I got to try Dreamwidth as well! So far so good. Thanks, Tommy!


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The summer is finally here! It has reached 90'F (30'C) today, heat wave! There was a small air show, "Wings Over Waukesha", in a local small city, Waukesha, Wisconsin. There were about 10 to 15 small airplanes, including some WWI and WWII airplanes such as Beech T34A, North American T28, P51, T6, Lockheed T33, etc. Of course, the main one was the B17. There were also some army ground jeep and hummer with machine guns for everybody to look at. After being in several big airshows and having seen SR-71, F14, F-15, F-16 and F-22, Thunderbirds and Blue Angels before, this was quite a small and a little bit boring airshow. But there were tons of people there and almost nowhere to park. However, for a free event, it was actually fun and I think lots of kids did enjoy the show with their fathers in the Father's Day. Hope that you all had a great Father's Day as well!

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Back to the cold and snowy Wisconsin again after spending a month on working in Florida. Almost forget how nasty the winter is up here. I finally decided to jump in the Facebook trend. And there are so many bloggers there I have already connected. The only downside of it is that it is too time consuming. I also started to watch the "Wathcmen motion comics". It is very interesting not only because the "Watchmen" comics but also the way it is made. I have never seen anything like it. It is between the animation and the paper comics. For example, the characters one scene is just like the paper version of the comic but his hair was moving with the wind! Really cool stuff! Now it is time to go back to work. By the way, happy square root day!

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Guess what I got? Saw it during the shopping at the Sam's Club and got one immediately. It talks, dances, sings, and does silly moving as you saw in the movie. It comes with a remote that you can even program different moves. By the way, its eyes will light up as blue when it moves/sings/talk/dance!
Quite an interesting toy!

Also went to see "Hellboys 2". Very great visual effects and interesting monsters. Some parts of it was a little bit slow but overall was very entertained. The line for "Dark Knight" was too long so I would wait until next weekend when the everybody else has already seen it.
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Had a great weekend to celebrate the birthdays of my 8-year-old nephew and the twin 6-year-old nieces. Since their birthdays are just one day apart, we celebrate their birthdays together. However, as you know, kids really do not like to share birthday cakes. So I made 3 individual furry aliens cupcakes with their individual favorite colors, blue, yellow, and purple.

In addition, I also made this orange marmalade cake with orange juice, zest, walnuts, and marmalade. It was decorated as the summer sun rings with the kids' favorite colors as well. I also made some of the cupcakes with the same ingredients. They were quite light but had great summer sweet citrus flavors.

Everybody seemed to love them since all the cakes and cakes disappeared so fast that I almost did not get to taste one. The weather was gorgeous, sunny, low 70s (22'C) and breezy. Kids got to play outside with their birthday gifts, the new scooters. I was just amazed how many tricks they could do on that small scooter. It was really a nice weekend.
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Yesterday, it was the company outing and we got to go a Brewers Game. The weather was quite cloudy, humid and hot around 90'F (33'C). We got a nice tailgate with all the typical summer party food, bratwurst, hamburger, cookies, chips, soda and of course, beer. Since I don't drink, I was not that exciting about the free beer as my other co-workers.
It was a sold out game and the stadium, Miller Park was packed with almost 45,000 people. The Miller Park has a retractable roof that can be open and close. Usually, they have to decide if the roof has to be closed about 30 minutes before the game. Due to the possible thunderstorm in the afternoon, the roof was close. It turned out to be a false alarm Since they did not want to interrupt the game, the roof stayed closed through the game. But the closed roof blocked all the breeze and it was just very warm and uncomfortable in the stadium. It was like sitting in a steam room for 4 hours with people sitting shoulder to shoulder all around you. You could smell the stinky sweat in the heavy humid air 30 minutes into the game. After the big 7-point score for the Brewers at the bottom of 4th inning against Colorado Rockies (7-1), I decided to escape the "sweating" ball game. I got to avoid the post-game traffic and relaxed a bit for the rest of the day.
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Worked in one of the biggest music festival - summerfest on this past July 4th weekend as the first aid provider again. This is my 9th year to work in this festival. The weather was great, sunny and around low 70s. Very quiet and only one drunk drama. A drunk and obnoxious woman was screaming at her 13-year-old niece for nothing. The young girl just cried in the first aid station and would not leave.

That really caused the problem for us to take care of other people who needed the first aid service. I had to turn her and her drunk aunt over to the security. The security eventually evicted the drunk aunt out of the festival ground and sent the teenager to the lost-child area. Besides that, everything was cool. Was able to enjoy some music but bored to tears otherwise since nothing happened. I guess it was not a bad thing that nobody got hurt and for all the medical staff to be bored. :)

Got friends in town to visit during the long weekend and we also went to see Wall-E. I think it is just OK. The computer animation is really amazing for the realistic of the metal and plastic surface. The story line is the usual soft loving Disney thing pluses the environmental green theme. The first half is more interesting but the last 1/3 of the movie is a little bit yawning and boring. I don't really like it that much as the previous other movies. But it is still a nice family fun movie to watch in the summer. Hope that everybody had a great weekend!
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 I worked for this big company's picnic on this past weekend. It was my first summer Red Cross volunteer event this year.The weather was wonderful in this past first summer weekend. It was more like a fall weekend since the temperature was only around 75'F. I have never worked for this event before since it was quite far away and almost took me about an hour drive one way to get to the event location from my place. But I heard that they had great food so I decided to give it a try. I was told to get to the place at 9am so I left around 8am and got there on time. However, nobody else from the Red Cross was there. I waited for almost an hour and still nobody came. One victim walked in to ask for care of his bleed hand but the people supposed to bring in the equipment were not there so I could not do anything. I was wondering around and saw them build this huge BBQ griller. It would be used to grill up the lunch for almost 8000 employees and their families.

After waiting for another 30 minutes, the Red Cross van finally showed up in the front of the first aid station. And they just decided to arrive late without noticing me. Anyway, it was one of the biggest company picnic I have ever seen. They served the lunch buffet style. The menu included roast chicken, sausages, hot dogs, potato salad, roasted corn, all you can drink beer, soda, water, ice cream, and water melon. In addition, there were so many entertainments for kids including 10 different kinds of big inflatable toys, train carts, mini-golf, pony rides, and water slides. They also hired a X-game group with about 10 guys to show all the fancy bike tricks including the 360 flip in the air. Of course, good opportunity for us to wait there to be ready to save them in case they made a mistake in the show. The whole picnic went well and quite uneventful until the end of my shift. The people for the next shift of course were late. While I was staying 30 minutes longer to wait for the next shift to show up, a kid broken his leg from one of the inflatable slider. I rushed to the scene and worked with the EMT staff and had him sent to the hospital by an ambulance. I think the poor kid will have to spend at least 2/3 of his summer in bed to recover. That made me almost to stay 1.5 hour late from my shift. Well, at least, I enjoyed a good lunch meal.


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