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Finally, the summer warm weather is here after the long nasty winter and chilly spring. All the flowers are blooming like crazy. My family is visiting me now so I took them to the local botanical garden which was famous for the several acres of Peonies they grew there on this past Sunday. The weather was just perfect, sunny and around low 70'F (20'C). There were hundreds of different kinds of Peonies blooming. It looked like a colorful flower river in the garden. We had a nice picnic in the garden as well.

And all the summer festivals have started since this past weekend as well. However, it also means the school is off and lots of boring kids start to wander on the street in the late night and cause some damages. My condo building just got a big ugly graffiti on the entrance wall, which is 2 floor high. Someone climbed to the 2 floor high fence next to wall in the late night and spread-painted some stupid nonsense words. It has never happened in this good neighborhood before and it is too bad that the security camera did not face that direction to catch the video of who did that. The condo association has hired contractors to clean it but they just could not completely remove it. I guess that's the downside of nice summer weather.

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The summer is in its full strength now here finally. The sun blasts the hot heat around 90'F (33'C) and almost 70% humidity. It almost thunderstorms in the afternoon everyday, which is rare for Wisconsin usually. Plus the long snowy winter and the spring flooding, this year will be one of the wettest year in the recent history for sure.

The positive thing about the heat and rain is that all the plants in the garden start to grow fast and all the flowers start to bloom finally. This is the 2nd season of the Orienpet Lily in the garden. They really fully develop this year and carry lots of big flowers about the size of 8 inches (20cm) in diameter, or the size bigger than most of people's face. And it grows almost 7 to 8 feet high and reaches the roof.

Besides, the daylilies in the garden are in the peak blooming season now. All the different colors, sizes and patterns of the flowers really make the garden look great. At the night time, the garden is fully of the fireflies sparking all over the place. Of course, I also spotted a big buck eating some of the Hostas flowers the other night after dark. Guess the stupid deer was smart enough to pick the best salad bar in the neighborhood!
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A wonderful day today! Sunny and cool. It is only about 60'F. Lots of trees are covered by spring flowers. Beautiful! Made a great banana split cake for friends' birthday and it was gone so fast that I almost could not get a picture of it. Will post it later. Look forward to the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.
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After a long nasty winter, the spring is finally here. All the beautiful spring flowers are fully bloomed in the garden: Tulips, Hyacinths, and Grape Hyacinths. It surly pays off all the hard work on planting hundreds of bulbs last fall. Of course, so far, luckily, no severe deer damage yet. Those bastards sometimes only bite off the flowers, chew once and spit them out. Who says that Bambi are cute?

Lots of people here have got the spring fever and started to plant all the annuals in the yard. However, the changeable Wisconsin spring weather is not trustful. It used to snow even in late May. I would hold on the flower fever for now. Hope that everybody is enjoying the spring time so far!
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Finally, it seems that the spring is here. The temperature rises to 50s and the sun has come out. After spending half of my time in Florida so far, it is nice to see that some of the flowers in the garden start to wake up and grow. The crocus has started to bloom nicely. All the nice different colors. Hope that the spring is really here. It seems that it is going to rain for the rest of the week. But I guess it is better than snow.

Today, I went to the new gym I joined at the beginning of this year. Due to all the traveling, this was my 2nd time to go there. All these work trip wastes my expensive gym membership. And I am not happy to find out that I lose so much strength already since I could not work out in the past 3 months. I used to be able to bench easily with 110 lb dumb bell but I even felt 70 lb was a little bit heavy today! Really need to go back it and build up again!
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I had a great Valentine's Day since I took yesterday off to enjoy it. I made this super moisture chocolate cake for Valentine's Day. Devil's food cake mix, sour cream, chocolate instant pudding mix, and chopped semi-sweet chocolate made the cake itself. The frosting and the filling are the ganache made of melting semi-sweet chocolate and frozen whipped cream. With some chopped walnuts and hand-made chocolate heart and text on the top. Yum!

Of course, I am very happy to receive these beautiful roses as well! Hope that everybody had a good Valentine's Day!
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The second Amaryllis now is fully blooming. It has the rare true velvet red, not the usual orange or salmon kind of citrus you see in any other flower. It makes a perfect gift for the Xmas!

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It's almost Christmas and my first Amaryllis this year is blooming like crazy now.  Actually, the second one just started to bloom as shown in the small picture. Every flower is about 7" wide and every stem carries almost 5-7 flowers. Beautiful!


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