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The autumn color is in its peak now. All the trees change to different layer of yellow, gold, orange, and red. We are very lucky so far that the weather is still sunny and warm around 60'F (15'C) during the daytime. Nothing is better than having a nice walk under the comfortable autumn sun in the woods. Now I just wish that I could get out of the work earlier. :)
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Came back from DC late last night. The trip was great and I really needed it. It has been almost 12 years since my last time there as a summer intern for several months. One of my friends there showed me around and things changed so much that I barely could recognize most of the places. None of the bars or restaurants we used to hang out with after the work exist there anymore. And the neighborhood surely changes a lot.

My friend and I used to walk from UDC to Dupont Circle to catch the Metro. It is nothing like what I used to remember. There are so many new condos and constructions going on that the whole area is just different. Lots of young people, even young family with kids and strollers, walk around the park, which you would never see back then. Even the National airport (before it was named as Regan airport) has expanded so much that I could not find the right terminal anymore. Guess I am getting old! LOL.

The leaves really start to change colors and head to the peak. It is just so beautiful to see all kinds of colors on different trees. And some of my co-workers start to bring in the extra apples from the apples in their yards. I guess it is time to make some apple pies!


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