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Sep. 16th, 2017 09:22 pm
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In 1993, I met Morgan. We dated for a while and eventually decided to share living space. In 1994 we had a commitment service at the local Metropolitan Community Church in Richmond (VA). Morgan has some photos of the event and I will post them in the next day or so. Anyway, tomorrow is the 23rd anniversary of that event. When I think back to 1971 when I first accepted the undenyable fact that I was gay, same sex relationships were rarely formalize and never recognized in any manner, so even in 1994 that was a milestone. The other thing that a long relationship was maybe 2 or 3 years. Oh how THAT has changed. And while that little ceremony didn't carry government recognition as a legal marriage, that all changed when we were married in 2008. I think even more significant was the fact that my dear sister Pamela sang at our service and my Mother was in attendance along with a nephew, niece and her husband. Mother's comment was that it was the most important day in my life, how could she not be there. What a lady. I hold that dear to my heart.

So tomorrow we celebrate our 23rd anniversary of that celebration, I don't know how or where, but it may involve dancing in the long overdue rainshowers that we are supposed to get. Speaking of that, we went down to the Portland airport to hit up Ikea and Best Buy. By the time we got to Longview we began to see visible smoke and when we got to Portland the smell hung heavily in the air. This is the same wildfire that burned up Multnomah falls along with several hundred acres of forested land. To me, it smelled like burning pine after being doused with a bucket of water. Stinky and choking.

So, it is time to check out for the night. Ta Ta y'all.


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